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-Internet Radio-

Established in the early 90's, DJ BigMan Production is a premier experienced DJ/Emcee specializing in elite entertainment for upscale weddings, corporate events, parties etc. We offer multiple services such as DJ/Emcee, LED UpLighting, LED Monogram/Gobo at a very reasonable price and also just established our fast growing internet radio station BIgMan Production Radio playing the best of RNB, Oldies, Neo Soul, Smooth Jazz, Gospel and Old School Rap (just click on the listen now link above and hit play or save the station address player.live365.com/a0456?l and then listen and enjoy). We use state-of-the-art professional audio equipment and have a wide selection of music that will cater to any type of event and of any size. Our ultimate goal is to provide the ultimate customer experience and give you the event of your dreams that will have everyone entertained and dancing all night long.
  1. DJ/Emcee
    Our experienced dj/emcee service will keep the crowd entertained and dancing all night long. We provide a wide selection of music and state of the art sound system. all dj services come with our basic led dancefloor lighting package which includes a led lazar, led flood and led strobe lighting. For weddings we coordinate and walk you through step by step on your special day...
  2. UpLighting&Monogram/Gobo
    Our LED UpLighting and LED Monogram/Gobo will make your event look elegant and totally changed the mood and ambiance of any venue..our wide selection of monograms and color matching the color scheme for your event will accentuate and take your event to the next level.
  3. Internet Radio BigManRadio
    You asked for it and it's finally here. The fast growing internet radio station playing the best of RNB, Oldies and Neo Soul. tired of hearing the same songs in rotation all day long...you'll never get bored with our wide music selection...current news events and interviews...